Bookkeeping and Accounting for today’s Music Entrepreneur

What is Virtual Bookkeeping?

With the flexibility of cloud-based software you’re able to work anywhere and on any device. No need to be in the same city as your Bookkeeping and Accounting Consultant.

Who We Service

We specialize in the Music Industry and serve Bands, Recording Artists, Singer/Songwriters Entrepreneurs and Publishers, Labels and other Small Businesses. As your Bookkeeping and Accounting Consultant we will work closely to identify solutions for your most troubling bookkeeping needs and get you back to doing what you love most.

Royalty Accounting

Not sure what’s in your royalty statement or if you’re getting paid for all your songs? I deep dive into your royalties and help you identify any gaps that need to be addressed.
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Bookkeeping and Accounting

Singer/Songwriters, Bands and Entreprenartist’s like you have more going on then your typical small business. You’ll be able to manage your merchandise inventory and revenue at a glance, keep up with tour costs and know how much profit you made. You’ll have an easily accessible solution catered to your bookkeeping needs without the hassle.

QuickBooks Online Services

Small Business solutions for your service or product based business. Whether you’re new to Quickbooks or a current user we got you covered!

Quickbooks is not the software you want? We offer other accounting software solutions.

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