A little bit about myself…

I come from a well to-do family of independent business owners who have inspired me to have a similar path goal ever since I was young. My vision of always been with Music has remained in my heart for as long as I can remember. Having travelled originally from NY to LA then to Nashville I’ve experienced many facets of the industry. My love of the Music has guided me to become skilled in various areas within the Music Industry.

As a Royalty Temp all the way to Royalty Director, Bass Player, QuickBooks Pro-Advisor, Project Manager, Team Manager, Mom, Wife and Teacher are the important roles I’ve served the community and my family. With the many roles I’ve held both personal and professionally I decided to start JAVA Business Solutions. This entrepreneurship allows me to provide value to other Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners based on my 15 years of experience while having flexibility for my family – and that is invaluable.

My MO is being committed from beginning to end, then to improve upon that result for more efficient, effective quicker outcome. I strive for smooth and clean processes and providing top notch customer service to my clients.